Submission of your CMEPS Application

Mailing of Physical Documents

In order to submit a complete application to the University of Tübingen, two steps have to be completed by all applicants.

  1. You need to follow all steps within the official application online platform of the University
  2. You need to send physical and certified copies of all documents you uploaded to the Admission Office

Important Info:

If your are not able to physically send in all your documents, please do still submit your online application! Without the submission of your online application the selection committee will not have a chance to look at your application.

If you can send in only some copies of your documents, at least send those…

Please do not abstain from applying to CMEPS just because you are not able to send us physical documents. If a suitable candidate is missing documents we will work towards a solution!


Introduction ot Tuition Fees for Non-EU Citizens

Plans to introduce tuition fees for non-EU citizens

The government of the federal state of “Baden-Württemberg”, where the University of Tübingen is located has agreed to introduce a tuition fee of 1,500 € per term for non-EU students. The bill has not ye been ratified but is planned to take effect by Fall Term 2017/18.

There will be exemption clauses for students from certain backgrounds or countries, but these are not yet agreed upon.

For more information on the progress of this law please follow the news or consult the website of the University of Tübingen: Information on Tuition fees at the University of Tübingen


Apply Now

Apply Now

Apply Now for the CMEPS – Joint Master’s Program

The admission for Fall Term 2017/18 is open!



For details on the application process please head to out Apply Section, our FAQ or send us an E-Mail


  • Deadline at AUC is 1 April 2017
  • Deadline at Tübingen is 15 May 2017

Have a look at what awaits you in a future with CMEPS:

Open Lecture – Obama’s Middle East Policy

Open Lecture – Obama’s Middle East Policy

Obama’s Middle East Policy – Between the Arab Uprising & Syria

A lecture by Prof. Dr. Steven Heydemann Center for Middle East Policy, Brookings Institution, Washington, D.C.

Wednesday, 22 June 2016 | 6:15 pm | Kupferbau, HS 23


We are happy to announce an Open Lecure by Prof. Dr. Steven Heydemann, organized by the University Group PIVO (Politik im Vorderen Orient – Politics in the Middle East).

Read more

University of Tübingen among the world’s 100 best

The University of Tübingen was ranked 78th in Times Higher Education’s World University Ranking!

In its annual ranking, Times Higher Education placed the University of Tübingen on rank 78. Additionally,  the University of Tübingen was awarded Top 20% in teaching and Top 10% in research.

Use the opportunity and apply now for studying at 0ne of the world’s best universites.