A Joint Middle East Master's Program
The Universities
The CMEPS program is a joint middle east master's program between the Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen and the American University in Cairo (AUC), both of which are among the best universities in their respective world...
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The Master's program in “Comparative & Middle East Politics and Society” (CMEPS) is a two-year joint middle east master’s program offered by the University of Tübingen and the American University in Cairo (AUC). Due to...
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CMEPS students benefit from the unique set-up of the program which provides them with many opportunities. The integrated  semester abroad at the partner university is a valuable opportunity for students to improve their language skills...
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A Message from the CMEPS Team

Whether you are just beginning your search for graduate studies or
are entering the program as a new student, we wish to extend our
sincere thanks for your interest. We are excited about this unique
program and those it attracts, for many reasons.

CMEPS aims to equip students with the necessary skills to develop
an understanding of the contemporary world and an appreciation of
the complex processes, institutions and value-allocation systems that
characterize human communities. Through the program, students
will be able to analyze and compare between political processes and
phenomena in Middle Eastern countries. By being part of a group of
students with diverse backgrounds, lively discussions are not limited
to classroom debates, but extend into an overall atmosphere of
critical thinking and engagement with the material. Whether student
interests lay in theory, policy, practice or a combination of all, the
common notion that politics matter prevails in the classroom.

The program is characterized by broad academic discourse. A unique
theme of exchange is evident in the design and implementation of the
MA degree program, which aims to challenge perspectives, encourage
analytical engagement and foster critical thinking about the
world. A joint venture between schools that value American liberal
arts education and continental European traditions, the program
comprises faculty members and students from various countries
around the globe. Due to its multicultural dimension, the program
also inspires vibrant debate among students.

It is not merely the constitution of the CMEPS cohort that makes it
special. students have the opportunity to take their academic pursuits
across borders to exchange ideas with counterparts overseas, both on
the doorstep of change in Cairo and in the heart of academic history
in Tübingen.

CMEPS Academic Coordinators
Cairo and Tübingen


News from the CMEPS Team


What others say about our program
Tobias Zumbrägel
>> For me, studying the Joint Master program CMEPS was the best decision. It not only increased my knowledge about the...
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Zeyad Elkelani
>> After graduating from Cairo University as the top ranked student with a degree in political science, CMEPS was the next...
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Prof. Dr. Steven Heydemann, USIP
>> CMEPS is an extraordinary program.  The students are outstanding.  It provides access to top-notch faculty both in Tübingen and in...
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Alexander Graf Lambsdorff
  >> The upheavals in the MENA region make it even more important to engage with the region, to understand what...
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>> CMEPS is extraordinarily practice-oriented and provides best opportunities to prepare its graduates for the transition to the labor market. (...)...
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>> Within Germany, the CMEPS Masters Program is unique. Its foundation in political science with the added expansion in regional expertise...
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Aaron Kunze
>> As I was coming from a religious studies background, CMEPS was a unique chance for me to fruitfully combine my...
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>> Its design [of the program] is coherent and conclusive. Study contents are well-organized and made dependent on students' prior knowledge....
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Prof. Dr. Oliver Schlumberger
  >> Students will be provided with all the qualifications a very good political scientist should have. We pay attention to...
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...what others say about our program:     >> The upheavals in the MENA region make it even more important to...
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You have experience with the CMEPS Program and want to share your opinion with others? Please get in touch!  
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CMEPS in the Media

Weblinks to Media Coverage of CMEPS


>> Political Science from the Nile to the Neckar <<

In the master’s programme “Comparative Middle East Politics & Society” (CMEPS) the University of Tübingen is collaborating with the American University in Cairo to train experts for the Middle East.

Report about CMEPS in “Attempto!”, Issue 38, 2015

>> Experten für den Wandel <<

Wer das politische Geschehen der arabischen Transformationsländer verstehen und mitgestalten will, bekommt im neuen Masterstudiengang “Comparative & Middle East Politics and Society” (CMEPS) die passende Ausbildung. Der Studiengang wird seit dem Wintersemester 2013/14 von der Universität Tübingen und der American University in Cairo (AUC) gemeinsam angeboten.

Presentation of CMEPS by the German Academic Exchange Sevice (DAAD) on Change by Exchange (German).


>> Unterstützer für den demokratischen Wandel <<

Im November 2013 war es soweit: Der erste Jahrgang des Masterprogramms Comparative and Middle East Politics and Society (CMEPS) wurde in einer Inaugurationsfeier feierlich begrüßt.

Report about the CMEPS-Inauguration Event on 25th November, 2013 with a Lecture by Prof. Philippe Schmitter by the German Embassy in Cairo (German), 2014.


>> New Political Science Masters with Tübingen University <<

The new MA program will engage students from both universities in politics of the region from a global perspective

Announcement of CMEPS on NEWS@AUC (English), 2013.


SWR Radio Interview 1st Cohort

Before the 1st cohort students were travelling to Cairo in September, the prominent German South-West-Radiostation (SWR) visited them and interviewed them about their preparations and expectations regarding the semester abroad.

Radio Interview with CMEPS-Students (German), 2013.


>> Enge Partnerschaft mit Kairo <<

Neuer Master-Studiengang bildet Nahost-Experten aus.

Report about CMEPS by the Newspaper “Schwäbisches Tagblatt”, 2013


In a Nutshell


  • Keywords: Comparative Politics, Middle East Politics, MENA region, Issues in Cultures and Civil Societies of the Middle East, International Political Economy, Development Politics and International Cooperation, Regime Change and Democratization, Peace and Conflict Resolution


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