…what others say about our program:



Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 05.04.28 pm>> The upheavals in the MENA region make it even more important to engage with the region, to understand what is going on, to look, which strands of thinking are prevalent, where and why transition works or does not work. So, CMEPS is extremely timely and an extremely valuable contribution to European-Arab understanding. <<

Alexander Graf Lambsdorff, vice president of the European Parlament

2014, CMEPS Trailer



Prof. Dr, Steven Heydemann>> CMEPS is an extraordinary program.  The students are outstanding.  It provides access to top-notch faculty both in Tübingen and in Cairo.  It equips students very effectively for further academic training and for a wide range of careers in government, the nonprofit sector, and the private sector.  Relative to programs offered by peer-institutions, it is also a tremendous bargain.  I encourage any student considering advanced training in Middle East politics and society to give CMEPS his or her attention. <<


Prof. Dr. Steven Heydemann, USIP




Prof. Dr. Oliver Schlumberger>> Students will be provided with all the qualifications a very good political scientist should have. We pay attention to a strong disciplinary foundation as a basis, then come the add-on qualifications, like language knowledge, international experience and profile of the students. <<

Prof. Dr. Oliver Schlumberger, Universität Tübingen

2014, CMEPS Trailer






>> After graduating from Cairo University as the top ranked student with a degree in political science, CMEPS was the next logical step in my junior academic career. CMEPS provides a premier education on Middle East politics that is internationally recognised, through an interdisciplinary approach. I urge anyone who’s interested in the Middle East and reading these lines to apply for this amazing program. <<


Zeyad Elkelani, CMEPS student, 2013 class




>> For me, studying the Joint Master program CMEPS was the best decision. It not only increased my knowledge about the MENA immensely, it also provided me with an exceptional horizon of experiences in a great research environment. All these gained skills help me a lot in my daily professional work as a research fellow and as a PhD student. <<

Tobias Zumbrägel, CMEPS student, 2013 class






>> As I was coming from a religious studies background, CMEPS was a unique chance for me to fruitfully combine my knowledge about Islamism with profound political science methodology and expertise in Middle East politics as well as to deepen my Arabic language skills. Thus, I consider CMEPS as a main corner stone for my professional career at the State Ministry of Baden-Württemberg. I can definitely recommend this outstanding Joint Master’s Program! <<

Aaron Kunze, CMEPS Student, 2013 class