CMEPS students benefit from the unique set-up of the program which provides them with many opportunities. The integrated  semester abroad at the partner university is a valuable opportunity for students to improve their language skills and immerse themselves in a foreign culture; joint classes facilitate personal interaction between students from Egyptian and German institutions. The program also includes an internship module for which students complete an internship with a public or private organization in their host country to gain both practical and intercultural experiences and thus boost their job prospects and personal development.

The CMEPS program is the first Master’s degree acknowledged in Germany, Egypt, and the United States. Graduates will have excellent job opportunities for academic and non-academic careers in either country. They will be qualified to work at leading universities or in governmental or private research institutions. The focus on Middle East politics and societal issues provides an excellent foundation for a career in German and international institutions concerned with development cooperation or diplomacy, NGOs, Political Foundations and Think Tanks.

If you want to apply to the CMEPS program, please visit our Apply page.