The Master’s program in “Comparative & Middle East Politics and Society” (CMEPS) is a two-year joint middle east master’s program offered by the University of Tübingen and the American University in Cairo (AUC). Due to its unique profile, it provides in-depth knowledge of the political and societal developments in the Middle East as well as analytical tools for understanding this region’s complex dynamics and challenges.

The focal point of the degree program is the relationship between societies and states in the MENA region, as well as the dynamics of social and political transformation. Key topics are Comparative Politics of the Middle East, development politics and international cooperation, and issues of regime change and democratization. Students can also choose from a range of elective modules, concentrating, for example, on International Political Economy, Peace and Conflict Resolution, or on issues in Middle Eastern culture and civil societies. Depending on their first degree, students of the CMEPS program will also take courses in either Political Science methods or basic Arabic (or German, respectively) during their first year. Irrespective of their first degree, by the end of their studies CMEPS students will have a unique profile which combines an advanced knowledge of Comparative Politics with a strong specialization in the politics, society, cultures, and language of the Arab Middle East.

To promote the link between theory and practice, study trips to international organizations and development agencies as well as to important political and cultural institutions of the respective host country are included in the program. An exchange semester at the German, respectively Egyptian, partner institution is an integral part of the program, as is the joint supervision by faculty members from both universities.

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