Prof. Dr. Steven Heydemann

>> CMEPS is an extraordinary program.  The students are outstanding.  It provides access to top-notch faculty both in Tübingen and in Cairo.  It equips students very effectively for further academic training and for a wide range of careers in government, the nonprofit sector, and the private sector.  Relative to programs …

Alexander Graf Lambsdorff

  >> The upheavals in the MENA region make it even more important to engage with the region, to understand what is going on, to look, which strands of thinking are prevalent, where and why transition works or does not work. So, CMEPS is extremely timely and an extremely valuable contribution to …

Applications open at the University of Tübingen

Apply Now – The MoveIn web portal at the University of Tübingen is open to applications for the CMEPS Joint Master’s Program.

Head to our Apply section to check whether you are eligible for application to  the CMEPS program. If there are any questions left you may resort to our FAQ section or contact us.

Fall 2023 – Applications at AUC open

Call for Applications in the Joint MA Program in Comparative & Middle East Politics and Society (CMEPS) between the American University in Cairo (Egypt) and University of Tübingen (Germany).

The CMEPS program is happy to announce the opening of its Fall 2023 admissions cycle at AUC.

The priority deadline for consideration at AUC is May 15, 2023, while fellowship deadlines vary (see details/link below).

At the Universität Tübingen applications has opened in March 2023 (Please see our Apply and FAQ sections for more information)

We are actively recruiting candidates from across the globe with selection based on academic merit, personal qualification and recommendations, as well as motivation for graduate study. While the language of instruction for the program is English, further training is encouraged for Arabic/German-language acquisition to accompany study.

In a nutshell, the Joint MA in CMEPS:
• Consists of up to 20 total spaces (10 each university)
• Is taught completely in English (both in Egypt and in Germany)
• Runs for a total of four full-time academic semesters (two years)
• Is jointly supervised by world-renowned faculty at each university
• Offers in-depth training in both theory and practice, as well as a full-time semester at the partner university

Expected Qualifications:

Successful applicants to the CMEPS program are expected to:
• Hold a B.A. degree (or institutional equivalent) in political science or a related social science (such as Middle East or Islamic studies, anthropology, sociology, history, public policy, law, among others)
• Provide evidence of proficiency in English, e.g. TOEFL scores (of at least 90), IELTS (with a score of at least 6.5 and with at least 6 scores in each section and 7 in the writing section); other certificates or evidence may suffice.

For how to apply for admission, fellowships, and for general inquiries, simply e-mail: (as the procedures have changed)

Funding is available for tuition coverage at AUC. For a complete list of options, eligibility and deadlines, visit